Thursday, December 4, 2008

thankful (:

k, so clarins speaking. (:
This weeks been freaking amazing for me. (:
Sunday - I saw my Godson Babyj, hes growin' fast ! he's over a month old now. (: And a great way to start the week, Monday Ryan, Jason, came over and we ate with Carissa, Chris, tiff and Kalen for tiffs birrfdayy @ BJS ! Had some bombass pizza and PAZOOOKIE ! (: And since i had to go home I sat on top of ryan in jasons S2000. lmfao THAT WAS DEFINETLY AN ADVENTURE ! hahaha.
And so my baby boy helped me with my project, which i hope i got an A on.. AND THENN ! on TUESDAY ! (: ME & RYRY got a job together, which is the best! cause we loving being with each other ! HAHAHA. So thank you God, for giving us this blessing. (: AND WED.. me & my bestprenddd cariss miss bonded again ! and TODAY! my mommy got MOH MONAAY ! so we went to get a christmas treee, and went more shoppin for lightssss. (: lalalala anyway i miss you baby. AND it doesnt matter if we have money or not, as long as i got you. I'M STRAIGGGGGGHT ! (: k bye guys (:

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