Monday, December 8, 2008

daily spillout. (:

causing great surprise or sudden wonder.

Okay, so i decided Amazing would be one word to describe my life. I was once a unappreciative, irritating bitch, ( excuse my language ) But many things have change, it's all apart of growing up, I'd always look at what " An abundance of valuable material possessions or resources; riches. " type people have. But, now that i look and see what people don't have and can't have. Just having a family to love me, a boyfriend that I'll spend forever with is thee biggest and greatest blessing God has given me,ever. Just to be able to have the miracle of life. And as a bonus ( extra blessing ) He gave my family and i a great house to live in. Wonderful parents, ah i wouldn't ask for anything else. I'd just have to say, I'm super thankful for all who was in my life, and is still in my life. Oh and btw ! me & ryan work together now, couldn't have asked for a better more chill job. so thank you Jesus ! and Kat ! and Mike ! hahaha k. (: goodnight. homework time !

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